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    I am a learning and development specialist whose courses and training have been taken by over 70 thousand people around the world. I have assisted companies and universities with developing training and certificate programs that range from talent development, compliance training, employee and client on-boarding, and even subject-specific content. My work has also facilitated the growth of new managers, executives, and overall career development of all employees. I have successfully earned my MA in Education from Adelphi University and a BA in History from Quinnipiac University.

  • Some Things I Do Are

    Product Training

    Working on developing product knowledge to ensure that sales professionals can communicate effectively and enthusiastically, building trust and confidence in customer relationships. It also ensures they can answer questions on the spot and overcome common customer objections.

    Talent Development

    Developing and implementing training to improve organizational capability, capacity, productivity, and performance to assure organizations have the leadership it will need for a successful future.

    Customer Education

    Working to provide customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Design focused on guiding customers through product from their initial interaction to continued usage with the end goal being to increase adoption, reduce friction, and strengthen retention.

    LMS Management

    Overseeing the implementation, distribution, and management of learning management systems such as Docebo, Bridge, 360Learning, and more.

    Instructional Design

    Using educational theory and design models (ADDIE, SAM, Four-Door Model, etc.) to create instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge more efficient, effective, and appealing.

    Data Analysis

    Examining learner data to support, inform, engage and create better and more individualized learning environments.

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